I love cookbooks. I’m not talking about the kind of cookbook that has 1000 pages of picture-less text. Those “cookbooks” are packed with recipes from cover to cover, have no headnotes talking about what you’re cooking, and no story whatsoever. Let’s be real, that’s not a cookbook – it’s an encyclopaedia.

A real cookbook is one that engages you visually and mentally. It doesn’t even need to have “recipes” with precise measurements and cooking times. It should just inspire you in some way with its imagery, writing, or story.

Cookie+Kate has been on my list of top food blogs for a while now, and I would love to get a copy of their newly released cookbook. Kate’s recipes are vegetarian, healthy, and made using fresh, whole foods. The pictures are stunning! Vibrant and colourful, inspiring you into the kitchen to recreate her recipes using simple ingredients that are cooked beautifully.

On my personal wish-list, this week’s find is the Love Real Food Cookbook by Kathryn Taylor. This will be a great addition to any coffee table, make your bookshelf enviable, and it’s also the perfect gift for those who like experimenting in the kitchen. Trust me, it won’t leave their kitchen counter!




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