Happy Friday!

Are you ready to take on cocktail hour?

When it’s your turn to host drinks night, you don’t want to be making the same old G&Ts. I’ve got a fun game for you that will mix things up! Bring out the Mixology Dice at any party, and guarantee your guests a night of fun and laughs while creating signature drinks.

A brainchild from the company which also created the Foodie Dice, this set of dice is perfect for a newbie or seasoned bartender. With eight engraved dice that have all the basic flavour profiles for a well balanced drink —  spirits, sugars, liqueurs, citrus, and bitters, along with fruits, herbs, and spices — each roll brings new mixology inspiration. It comes with a handy instruction booklet of ratios and recipes for classic cocktails to get you started.

Buy it for your own bar cart, or as a gift for the happy hour host. It makes a great birthday present when packaged with mini bottles of liquors and liqueurs.

Build a party around it and craft the perfect tipple every time!

P.S. The website currently only ships within the U.S., so you might have to ask a friend to bring it for you. If you do find a way to ship it to India, let me know in the comments below.


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