Ever stepped inside a home store or beautiful restaurant, flipped through the pages of a lifestyle magazine, or browsed table decor inspiration boards on Pinterest and found gorgeous table settings, impeccably styled?

Chances are, you’ve done one or all of these things, and thought to yourself that no one can actually have such a well styled table at home. Though it’s true that most people don’t do elaborate, store like, set-ups on a regular basis, a little attention to detail goes a long way to make your table look put together.

Use non-chipped dinnerware, matching cutlery, and snag free napkins – goes without saying. But what makes your #tablescape really pop? Colour, pattern, print, or texture. Think flowers, candles, textured placemats, and printed napkins. Though paper napkins are definitely convenient to use and throw, I still prefer soft cloth napkins because of their understated elegance.

I’m currently loving these cotton linen napkins from Safomasi. Their cheeky, playful prints will add a quirky vibe to your table setting. They are handmade in India, with each of the contemporary illustrated prints inspired from travels across the world.

Buy these safari print napkins here

If you’re interested in table decor, you may also like these matte gold flatware pieces.

cotton printed napkins


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