I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not much of a baker. Baking requires precise ratios that I’m wary of messing around with, and I prefer cooking by instinct. I almost always forget to “preheat the oven” and run out of patience when it comes to waiting for the cake to cool down before you cut into it or frost it. Waiting for doughs and batters to rest takes forever. Ever baked a chocolate cake and still smell the lingering chocolate and butter smell hours later? Another thing I dislike about baking!

But on the rare occasion that I do whip out my measuring cups and spoons to bake, it’s usually a banana bread (my favourite), or more recently, zucchini bread (yes!! you read that right). I also enjoy baking these molten chocolate cakes for special days, mostly because it’s so easy!

This week’s find are these gorgeous brass measuring spoons from Anthropologie (my favourite store of all time). Even I’d turn into a baker for these!

I’m all about the pastel and rose-gold colour combination, and this will make a pretty addition to any modern kitchen. Measuring ingredients won’t be a chore when you have spoons this pretty — it’s a must have for baking enthusiasts (and non-enthusiasts alike) in my book!




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