With all the festivities of these past few weeks, binging on rich food at odd hours of the night has definitely left my system fatigued and craving something healthy, nourishing, and good.

We all know how much I love energy balls as an anytime-snack, and it’s so easy to make a batch at home too. But when there are so many things going on, and your days are too hectic for cooking, is when Bareball saves the day.

Bareball energy balls are such a healthy option to have on hand when the hunger pangs roll around. They are gluten-free and refined sugar free, and contain all natural ingredients that are good for you. Even though they aren’t made in your kitchen, you can be sure that all the ingredients you are consuming are listed on the box. There are no hidden fats or sugars that you won’t know about!

Bareballs are great for a mid morning snack, or in the evening with a cup of tea to tide you over till dinner. I’m also keeping these in my purse when I know dinner is going to be a late affair, just so I’m not starving till it’s time to eat!

With different flavours, labeled “Muscle,” “Heart,” “Brain,” and “Eyes,” they’ve got something for everyone’s taste and preference. Definitely recommending these as a go-to snack for busy days!

baseball energy bites

What’s your favourite on-the-go snack?

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