Come December, and everyone is in the mood to party. All frequent hosts will tell you this: a party that can be put together easily, stylishly, and most importantly — with very little fuss — is the best kind of party. After all, you don’t want to be stuck “hosting” all night, do you?

To ensure minimum fuss during the party, it’s best to choose food and drinks that can be laid out in advance. Once you’ve done all the work, guests will be more than happy to help themselves, and you can enjoy stress-free drinks and down time with your friends.

Lay out a gorgeous cheeseboard for nibbles, and prepare your bar cart for the drinks. Have a few liquors + mix-ins and garnishes available so guests can craft their own cocktails. Or just put out bottles of beer and wine. Use a beverage tub loaded up with ice to keep your beer or champagne chilled for the night; there won’t be any need to run back and forth to the fridge!

This stylish beverage tub from Crate & Barrel (which, good news guys: ships to India!) is a must have whether you’re hosting a rooftop dinner, cozy cocktail hour, or a stylish winter brunch for the ladies. (For added hostess points and to totally impress the ladies, freeze flowers or rose petals in the ice cubes before hand, and then use it to keep the champagne chilled!)




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