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I’ve previously written about the benefits of matcha green tea: it’s got a tremendous boost of caffeine, delivered without the energy crash that accompanies coffee; it’s full of antioxidants; and L-Theanine which is an amino acid that provides mental clarity.

A favourite among wellness enthusiasts, your morning routine needs matcha.

After our matcha post, we received many questions from readers about where to source the best matcha in India from. The stuff I found online was usually of very poor quality, either mixed with artificial flavours and colours, or tasted too grassy, gritty, and bitter. I was disappointed with the options available, just when the folks at Tea Trunk sent me some of their matcha to taste and sample!

What I love about their matcha green tea, is that it’s ceremonial grade matcha sourced directly from the Nishio region in Japan, which means it’s of the absolute best quality.

The little brewing guide that came with my package recommended making it plain, without milk or any sweeteners. Now, I love matcha, but I’ve always made it like a latte with milk, so I was excited to try it plain. And this matcha did not disappoint! It’s got a sweeter vegetal taste and a bright green colour, both signs that point to the quality of the leaves. I’ve been making myself a cup of matcha tea every morning the past couple of days!

Tea Trunk’s matcha is great for someone new to matcha, because it’s been selected by an expert tea sommelier to suit the Indian palate. You can brew it plain with water like recommended, or add some milk to make it into a matcha latte.

Other ways to use matcha: make matcha hot chocolate, add it to smoothies and smoothie bowls, use it in chia pudding.



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