Dark chocolate is the best to have on hand to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving, anytime. It’s considered to be a ‘superfood’ because of being antioxidant-rich, and has many health benefits that regular chocolate lacks. What I love most about it though is how indulgent it tastes without being overpoweringly sweet.

This week’s find is this delicious chocolate bar from Earthloaf. Earthloaf specialises in single origin artisanal chocolates. This means all their cacao comes from a single estate in Karnataka, and all their bars are hand-crafted in small batches by skilled artisans. Their flavour combinations require ingredients sourced from all over India, making their products sustainable and ethically driven to support local farmers.

Though they have many unique flavours, my favourite is this Smoked Salt and Almond one. There’s something I love about adding salt to desserts. Whether it’s salted caramel, or flaky sea salt and dark chocolate…

The 72% dark chocolate is rich, with generous flecks of smoky sea salt, and crunchy almonds from North India. It makes for the perfect post-dinner dessert. A piece of this chocolate bar is heavenly, but who can stop at one?

dark chocolate bar


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    So….as a lover of dark chocolate…..this was a must try for me. Picked it at the Bangalore airport. Took me a couple of pieces for the flavor to grow on me…..😘😘

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