I’m one of those people who likes to obsessively scroll through Instagram, saving pictures of things that I like. It gives me something to do when I have nothing else to do, like when I’m in the car stuck in traffic, or while waiting for an appointment, or even if I have a few minutes to kill when waiting for a friend at a coffee-shop.

These saves range from images that I keep for inspiration, to products I like and want to buy. It’s sort of like a wishlist, but so much more! These saved images end up crowding my phone’s camera roll, and most often than not end up getting deleted a few weeks later.

So, I want to use this space to curate things I discover and like, whether through my own social media crawling or via recommendations from friends. I’m trying to make this into a weekly project in an attempt to organise, and hopefully make some sense of these curios.

My find of this week is this beautiful chestnut wood salad server set from The Label Life. I’m currently loving all-wood serveware, and this is perfect to amp up any salad at your dinner party!



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