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Can I use your recipe and/or photos on my blog?

We kindly ask that you do not re-publish our recipes or photos. However, if you are a non-profit organization, blogger, or media outlet, you may use ONE picture as long as you give us credit for it! Email us for permission prior to use, and don’t forget to link back to sprigandvine.in.

Can I buy ad space on Sprig & Vine?

We are currently not serving any ads on our site.

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We are always open to an exciting collaboration. Email us, and we’ll chat about it!

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Each post that goes up on our site requires a lot of time, so we can’t promise to feature any product. However, if your product is relevant to our content, write to us and we can figure something out!

Can I get in touch with you for a sponsored post?

We would love to partner with brands or individuals that we believe is a good fit for our brand! If you have a great product or an idea for collaboration, we would love to hear from you.