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Hi, my name is Vidushi. I studied Media at New York University, after which I worked in copywriting and social media. I took a break from the world of advertising, and started Sprig & Vine in order to combine my two passions – food and writing!

I like to eat sensibly and make healthy choices where applicable – but without losing my mind over it. Eating sensibly for me means knowing what’s in my food and how it’s been prepared. Not counting calories and jumping onto the next fad diet, or eliminating a food group from my life.  I grew up on a vegetarian diet, and like using fresh veggies, spices, dairy, and fruit when I’m cooking. After moving back from New York, I was constantly searching for the global cuisines I’d become accustomed to, and started creating dishes inspired from what I’ve eaten and liked.

Some random (food) facts about me:

  • Love olives, hate broccoli
  • I am also a cheese addict, avocado toast enthusiast, and love tea & coffee equally
  • My favourite dessert? Ice-cream. And banana-nutella anything.
  • I believe most things taste better with a side of hot sauce/sriracha
  • My love for labneh knows no bounds

When I’m not geeking out over food things, you can find me browsing through Instagram, binge-watching TV shows, or struggling over finding the perfect caption for a photo.

I would love to collaborate with individuals and brands. Email me if you would like to discuss an idea!



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P.S. All opinions, content, and photos are my own, unless otherwise noted. Please contact me on vidushi@sprigandvine.in for permission prior to use.