I don’t know how, why, or where my obsession with mugs and cups started, but it’s apparent that I have one. I stop to admire stores that have a display wall of mugs and I pay special attention to coffeeshops that serve coffee in real mugs (rather than disposable cups).

Sometimes, I even relate people to mugs. For example, a friend who’s house I go to for ‘half a cup of tea.’ A college friend who ate cereal out of a giant mug bigger than most soup bowls. My roommate who gifted me this iconic New York coffee cup when I was moving back. I even follow Instagram accounts like this one solely dedicated to coffee cups.

I love collecting odd cups and mugs, and much to the dismay of my mother, hate parting with them. When I was moving back from New York, I was sternly instructed to not bring back my mug collection. How a few of them snuck into my suitcase, I still haven’t figured out. Anyway, point being, you’re going to see a lot of mugs and cups on Friday Finds.

This week’s find are these cups from Home Artisan. They are handcrafted ceramic beauties, with a blue and white nautical design. The gold metal handle adds an understated elegance to this piece.

The beach vibes are strong with this one, so even if you can’t get away to the nearest beach this summer, bring a bit of the coast to your teatime with these cups.

Nautical Ceramic Cups


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