These days, we place a lot of emphasis on eating healthy, eating right, eating clean. But, what exactly do we mean by these words? It’s not just about counting calories,  fretting over fats, or depriving yourself of certain food groups. We’re not nutritionists.

Eating well is about how food makes you feel, knowing what goes into making it, and how it affects your body. These days, most of us understand that counting calories is an outdated approach to food, and ‘eating well’ means a variety of things. Which is why, this week, I’m excited to talk about the Eat Beautiful book.

Written by expert of all things beauty and wellness, Wendy Rowe, this one is far from a traditional cookbook. It has recipes designed to “feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to glow.”  I also love that this book is organized by season, and by ingredients that address skin problems and common complaints.

It has over 70 easy recipes that target specific concerns like with cucumber – the cleanser, limes – the astringent, carrots – the immunity booster. This book is a wonderful guide that will help you eat your way to radiant skin and health. Eat beautiful to look & feel beautiful!


It also includes recipes for homemade natural masks, cleansers, scrubs, and toners to achieve beautiful skin all year round!


What is your favourite beauty recipe? Any foods that you swear by for radiant skin? Let us know in the comments below!



Photo courtesy Free People.


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