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Most people you talk to these days are always agitated, tired, or exhausted. We’re anxious, worried, or depressed; and we’re juggling a million things that leaves us desperate for energy.

Nowadays, as a way to deal with this constant burnout, wellness enthusiasts are taking time off to dive into self-care. It’s 2018, and no longer a secret: me-time isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. A quick Google search on self-care will yield pages of results on why we should be practicing it; and how it leaves us feeling more relaxed, positive, and productive.

Self-care helps us slow down and take care of our minds and bodies, so that we feel rejuvenated after the time-off. There are a million and one ways one can practice self-care; from keeping yourself hydrated, to beauty rituals that make you feel good, to mediation and mindfulness.

We don’t prioritise self-care because we believe we don’t have the time for it, but self-care shouldn’t seem like a chore. The idea is to pick something small or actionable, an activity that makes you feel vibrant and energised, and incorporate it to your daily or weekly routine.

Since it’s hard to know where or how to start practicing self-care, we made a list of ideas to get you started. These are little acts that don’t take up a lot of time, but will give you that much needed break from your schedule so you feel revived to take on whatever challenges come your way. Think of these as inspiration, and find something that brings you joy.

1. Journal

Write whatever you feel inspired to – thoughts, ideas, feelings; or make a bullet journal to get organised (there are hundreds of videos available on bullet journaling and they are fascinating to watch!). We also love the Five Minute Journal, which is a gratitude journal that has daily prompts you can answer.

2. Make a cup of tea

It’s quite therapeutic (especially on cold nights) to brew a cup of tea and curl up with it. Reserve your mornings for cups of matcha, or make golden milk at night to help you sleep better.

3. Stretch

Add five to ten minutes of gentle stretching to your morning routine. It’ll get the blood flowing and help you wake up, setting the energetic tone for the day.

4. Make breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and waking up 10 minutes early to whip up something in the kitchen counts as self-care. I love smoothie bowls for their nutritiousness, and overnight oats for their ease. Bonus: you won’t get to work hangry!

5. Have a skincare routine

We all know and love glowy skin, and having a skincare routine is great. Make and apply a face mask/scrub once a week; massage face oils into your skin every night; or dry brush and exfoliate. Choose anything, but make it into a routine!

6. Get creative

Paint, colour, or write. Even doodle. Get creative in your self-care time.

7. Cook a meal

Open one of your favourite cookbooks or recipes and cook something you’ve been wanting to try. Bake yourself a dessert, or simply meal-prep nutritious meals for the week ahead.

8. Soak in a bath

Run a luxurious bath like this one, and just soak. Candles, essential oils, and books are welcome. Phones are not allowed. Who needs the spa?

9. Go outdoors

Go for a walk or a stroll, stretch outside, or just go to the beach (if you’re lucky enough to live by one!) Beach time totally counts as self-care.

10. Plan your day

Even waking up 20 minutes earlier than your scheduled alarm goes off, and spending that extra time planning your day can make you feel better prepared. You also won’t feel rushed all day.

11. Go to bed early

Alternatively, instead of staying up past midnight every single night, even going to bed early counts as self-care. After all, adequate deep sleep is of the utmost importance in maintaining physical and mental well being. You’ll wake up feeling fresher than ever before!

12. Meditate

Tons of wellness enthusiasts swear that meditating for just ten minutes has changed their life. If ten minutes seems too long, start with a smaller time period. Apps like Headspace and Evenflow are great for daily guided meditations.

13. Read a book

I keep adding books that I want to read on this imaginary list, and somehow never get around to doing it. Making it a part of self-care is a great way to actually make time for it. Read only 10 pages a day if that’s all the time you have, but read that book you’ve been meaning to!

14. Learn something new

Learn a language, or how to play an instrument. Take a dance class! Learning something new that you’ve been wanting to to is a great way to indulge in time for yourself, AND acquire a new skill!

15. Unplug

Sometimes we just need to turn off our phones, and digital detox. Turning off your screens even just twenty minutes before bedtime is a great self-care routine to have, and it will get you better sleep, so you’re actually doing two acts of self-care in one.


What’s your favourite self-care routine?

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